33double three digital


I can do more than just your normal website. In fact here's a very simple list of what I offer:

  • Statamic site build and addon development

  • Laravel app development

  • Consult on existing websites or applications

  • Design of small & medium sized websites

How I work

If you're interested in working with me, the first thing I'll usually do is to try and schedule a call so we can talk about your project. Generally we'll talk about the functionality of the website/app, little bit of background of your business and your budget.

After the call, I'll use the information you've told me about the project to give you a rough price and a timeframe. If I need any more information during this stage, I'll pop you an email.

If you agree to the price I give you, I can get stuck in! I'll add you to my project management system (Active Collab) and I'll give you brief updates of how I'm getting on with your project on a weekly basis.