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We build Statamic Addons

We love the Statamic community so we build and sell our addons to help developers build great sites.

Social Embeds

Embed posts, profiles and other things from social media platforms.

Simple Commerce

Simple Commerce is a perfectly simple e-commerce solution for Statamic.


Minify your site's CSS & JavaScript when they change

Github Gists

Embed Github Gists in your Statamic templates


Duplicate Entries in Statamic 3

Cookie Notice

Cookie Consent notice for Statamic sites

Who are you?

Behind the screen, it's just me running a one man band. I'm Duncan McClean, a web developer from Glasgow. I work full time at agency and I build Statamic addons on the side as I love the community.

If you're interested, there's more about me on my personal site, duncanm.dev.

Say hello 👋

If you want to say hello, tweet me @damcclean or drop me an email - duncan at doublethree dot digital.